• Becoming a Substitute Teacher
    The Gibbsboro Board of Education is currently seeking highly motivated and enthusiastic candidates for current Substitute Teaching positions.
    Substitute Teachers are called on an as-needed basis to provide classroom coverage located in the Gibbsboro School.   Our talented team of teachers will design an appropriate curriculum which you will implement during your time in that classroom.
    Please bring the items listed below to the school office, and your name will be placed on the next Board of Education agenda for approval.  Once your application packet has been received, and after approval at the Board of Education meeting, your name will then be placed on our active substitute call list.
    Application Packet Requirements:
    1. Gibbsboro School Employment Application
    2. County Substitute Application Form, with the following attachments:    
       - Official transcripts with a minimum of 60 Credits from an Accredited College or University
       - Criminal History Review Approval Letter (received once you have completed the fingerprinting process).
       - A Check for $125.00 made out to "The Commissioner of Education"
    3. Oath of Allegiance (Must be notarized)
        -With Proof of Mantoux Test within Last 6 Months
    7. Emergency Contact Information

    You will need to be fingerprinted prior to any employment in a New Jersey Public School District.  Please follow the link to the left, "Fingerprinting for Public School Employment" for instructions on how to complete the fingerprinting process, and details regarding the fees required.  Your Criminal History Review approval letter, advising that you are eligible for public school employment, will arrive in the mail approximately 4-6 weeks after your appointment.  You must bring this letter to the Gibbsboro School office to complete your application packet.
    Remember these few things;
    o   Packets will only be accepted if they are completed in full, and you must bring two forms of identification (see I-9
         form for a list of acceptable documents).
    o   The Camden County Office of Education will send your Substitute Certificate directly to the Gibbsboro Board of
         Education, and you will be contacted to pick up your certificate from the Gibbsboro School Office.
    o   The entire substitute process takes 10 to 12 weeks.
    Should you need assistance or have questions on how to complete the forms, please contact Mrs. Carol DiDonato, at 856-783-1140.

    Thank you for your interest in substituting for the Gibbsboro School District!