• * Please note: this page is for new hires only and not for applicants.  Thank you!
    Welcome to the Gibbsboro School District!  All new employees are required to complete and return the following items and forms to the Office of the Superintendent.  If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Rebecca McFerren at 783-1140.
    All new employees need to first have their fingerprints recorded or archived.  If you have had your fingerprints scanned after 2/21/2003, then you only need to archive your fingerprints. (Archive your Fingerprints by clicking here.)  Any fingerprints taken prior to 2/21/2003 need to be completed through MorphoTrak"s livescan process.  See the link to the left titled "Fingerprinting for Public School Employment" for complete instructions regarding fingerprinting and the subsequent approval process through the State's Criminal History Review Unit. 
    Once this process is completed, and you have received your Criminal History Approval letter stating you are eligible for public school employment, please submit a copy to the Office of the Superintendent to complete your file. 


    After you have scheduled your fingerprint appointment and submitted your request to the Criminal History Review Office for an approval letter, please print and complete the following forms and return your completed paperwork to the Office of the Superintendent:
    Direct Deposit
    Employee Health Physical Form (new employees are required to submit a current health physical with Tuberculosis Screening*)
    * Tuberculosis Screening:
    A tuberculosis test shall be required upon employment to all newly hired employees (full time and part time,) all student teachers, school bus drivers on contract with the district, and other persons (e.g., volunteers) who have contact with students. 
    - Tuberculosis testing is not required for volunteers working indoors with pupils for less than 20 hours per month.
    - Tuberculosis testing is not required for new employees, student teachers, and contractors of the district with a
      documented negative tuberculosis test result in the last six months or a documented positive tuberculosis test,
      regardless of when this test was done.
    - Tuberculosis testing is not required for a school employee transferring between school districts or from a non-
      public school within New Jersey with a documented tuberculosis test result upon his/her initial employment
      by a new Jersey school.
    Finally, please remember to bring two forms of identification with you when you return the forms listed above (see I-9 form for a list of acceptable documents).


    Notice for holders of Provisional Teacher Licenses:
    The Office of Licensure and Credentials (Office) requires that provisional teachers seeking their standard license apply online instead of submitting paper applications. Districts will still submit supporting documents. Online applications save substantial Office staff time for processing standard licenses and will therefore result in better service to applicants and districts. Issuance of standard certificates will be delayed if candidates have not filed online applications. Please click here for further directions regarding online applications and to read the PTP Standard Certificate Applications Notice..