Supervisor’s Message

    As your new Supervisor of Special Services at the Gibbsboro School District, it is an honor to welcome you all as we work collaboratively on behalf of students with educational disabilities.  I will also continue my role as school psychologist.  I recognize that each student has their unique and individual needs and am committed to ensuring that these needs are met through the provision of the necessary special education programs and related services.   

    Effective July 1, I assumed my responsibilities as your new Supervisor of Special Services at the Gibbsboro School District.  I am proud to work alongside such dedicated and talented staff in a community that actively supports the public education of all students in discovering their greatest potential. 

    As the Supervisor of Special Services, it is my responsibility to administer district programs and ensure compliance for special education as mandated under state and federal guidelines.  This legislation specifically requires special education and related services for all students with disabilities between the ages of three and 21.  If eligible, these are provided with an appropriate education program.

    Within the Special Services Department, the Child Study Team and serves as a multi-disciplinary team to identify, evaluate and provide appropriate educational services for students with disabilities.  In addition, the team also offers recommendations and consultation for parents and staff for students who are experiencing educational difficulties.  The Child Study Team consists of a School Psychologist, Learning Disabilities, and Social Worker.  For pupils ages three to five, the Child Study Team includes a Speech-Language Specialist.

    Gibbsboro School District provides a full continuum of alternative placements and related services in order to meet the needs of our students in the least restrictive environment.  We are proud of our strong commitment to including students with disabilities in the general education curriculum to the maximum extent possible.  This goal is accomplished through the provision of a variety of inclusive settings.

    I am excited and looking forward to serving and supporting working with you, your children and our staff in our partnership.  Links on our Special Services webpage will be available, but please feel free to call our department in the event you require any additional information.


    Barri Veytsman, Ed. S.

    Supervisor of Special Services/School Psychologist