• Dear Parent or Guardian:


    Your child's safety is of highest importance to us. Together with local law enforcement, the Gibbsboro School District annually updates its emergency management procedures, and provides professional development to staff in appropriate protocols.

    The State of New Jersey enacted a law, effective November 1, 2010which will require schools to conduct one fire drill per month and one security drill per month.  A security drill is defined as "an exercise, other than a fire drill, to practice procedures that respond to emergency situations." The new law requires schools to hold a minimum of two drills annually in each of the following areas: a non-fire evacuation, a bomb threat, a lockdown and an active shooter on the premises.


    The Gibbsboro School District has had an emergency plan in place for many years and has conducted emergency drills in the past. Although we expect very little anxiety for the students when we implement this law, we will explain the purpose for the procedures to students. The first security drill will be announced, but all subsequent drills will be unannounced, so that we are prepared for an unexpected situation.


    If you have any questions or concerns about the new security drills, please contact your school principal, Mr. Thorp.  


    Mr. Thorp will communicate with parents either in advance, or at the conclusion of the drill, via a website posting, or notification through our e-news, in order to assure you that it is only a practice exercise.


    Thank you, as always, for your support and partnership as we continue to provide a safe learning environment for the children of the Gibbsboro School District.


    Kristen Martello                    

    Kristen Martello

    Interim Superintendent

    Gibbsboro School District