Dear Parents, Guardians, Family Members,


    The Gibbsboro School Wellness Committee met recently to review many issues related to student health and wellness.  One suggestion made at the meeting was to start a healthy recipe sharing file.  The recipes included in this file would work within the Gibbsboro Nutrition Guidelines.


    These recipes will be posted on the Gibbsboro School WebSite for all to access.  We invite allcommunity members to submit recipes to share. The recipes need to meet the following guidelines:

    1.     Nofood or beverage listing sugar, in any form, as the first ingredient.

    2.     Totalfat must be 8 grams of fat or less per serving.

    3.     Saturated fat must be 2 grams of fat or less per serving.

    4.     May not include foods of minimal nutritional value (FMNV) such as soda, water ice, jellies, gum, licorice, fondants, spun sugar, marshmallow & candy coated popcorn.

    5.     All forms of candy.

    6.     May not contain peanuts, tree nuts, peanut butter or peanut oil.


    Some wonderful healthy food items have been sent in for birthday parties and class parties this fall.  If you would like to submit a recipe, please email it to Mr. Jeff Galda,Webmaster, at jgalda@gibbsboroschool.org or send the written recipe to school to his attention.  Please include nutritional information regarding fat content, sugar, etc which is typically included with most recipes now.


    Thank you for your interest in promoting healthy eating among our students.


    The Gibbsboro School Wellness Committee