• Article V – Election Rules

    Section 1. – Only active members shall have the right to vote for officers of the Home and School Association executive board.   An active member is one who has paid membership dues by Oct. 31 of the current school year.

    Section 2. – Only one vote is permitted per family or staff membership.

    Section 3. – Candidates may run for only one office. A candidate who is nominated for more than one office must declare which office he or she wishes to run for to the Nomination Committee.

    Section 4. - There is no absentee voting.  Active members must be present to vote.

    Section 5. – All voting is anonymous.

    Section 6. – Voting will take place on a single ballot.

    Section 7. – Any member wishing to run for an office may not serve on the Nomination Committee.

    Section 8. – Nominations shall take place in April when the election occurs in May.  Nominations shall take place in May when the election occurs in June. 

    Section 9. – All officers must be elected by the conclusion of the June meeting. 

    Section 10.- In the case of a vacancy occurring in any office, a Special Election shall be held.  (See Article VI, Section 3.)

    Section 11. – In case of a tie, a runoff election shall take place immediately during the election meeting.  The runoff election shall consist only of those who have tied; all others who were nominated and did not tie have already been eliminated. 

    Section 12. – A majority vote shall elect.  When there is only one candidate for an office, the election may be a voice vote. 

    Section 13. - Once a nominee declines a formal nomination, the Nomination Committee will remove his/her name from the ballot.