The HSA is able to support the students of Gibbsboro School through your generous donations and support.






    Hello everyone, 

    I hope you will consider joining the Gibbsboro Home and School Association. It is a great group to join for many reasons. It’s a great way to meet new people in your community that have the same goals of assisting your children in school. The GHSA organizes tons of activities for the children to have fun throughout the year like Santa Dinner, Boo Bash, and Designer Bag Bingo.  They plan and organize many fundraisers that are both fun and beneficial to our school and the kids. As a teacher here at Gibbsboro School, they have been able to purchase and replace my kindergarteners’ colorful circle time rug that has been lovingly worn out by my kiddos over the years, purchased our students Chromebook covers, donated money for new water fountains and filling stations in our hallways, donated funds for our sports teams’ uniforms, donated money to purchase a back drop screen for our theater, and many many more things that we need to help our children. I know that if I need anything in my classroom and I need help purchasing it, all I need to do is ask my HSA and I can count on them to help. 

    Please consider joining our HSA and become a valued part of your child’s school community. 

    Mrs. Scott

    Kindergarten Teacher


      “The Home and School Association are like the Guardian Angels of this school.   I frequently refer to them as super heroes because they always seem to make the impossible happen for us!  The HSA always goes above and beyond to make sure our teachers, staff, and students feel loved, appreciated, and supported.  Years ago, they turned my entire art program around by purchasing a document camera for the Art Room that allows me to project my hands and workstation on screen.  Every year they have helped with the school play in more ways than I can possibly list.  They organize fun and unique fundraisers all year long.  The creativity and diligence the HSA displays always blows me away.

    We are so thankful for our HSA at Gibbsboro school.  I don’t know what we would do without them!” 

    -Miss Slocum


     Being a small district, Gibbsboro has always felt a great sense of community between our town's families and school. The HSA is the glue that keeps it all together. The amount of support our school receives from the HSA has created countless opportunities for our students, from providing equipment for classrooms and extracurriculars, to creating fun communal events throughout the year. As a coordinator for many after school activities, I can say without a doubt that they would not be possible without the time and efforts of our HSA.

    Mr. Aucello 


     I would love to say a few words about the amazing work of the HSA.  I have witnessed first hand the help and dedication the HSA has provided for my classroom.  Not only has the HSA helped my classroom personally, but has also helped the school as a whole!!  My daughter attends Gibbsboro school because of the amazing staff, teachers, community, and HSA!!!  I love all of our fundraisers and especially the Dinner with Santa and Dinner with the Easter Bunny.  My daughter has been to every one since I began at Gibbsboro when she was one year old! Please join the HSA to help these wonderful things continue!


    Mrs. Michelle Atkinson

    3rd Grade Teacher

    Gibbsboro Elementary School


    HSA Annually Funded Projects

    • Scholarships for Gibbsboro Students graduating from 8th grade at Gibbsboro Elementary and from 12th Grade at Eastern High School
    • Teacher and Staff Appreciation Breakfasts and Luncheons
    • Holiday Luncheon  Holiday Luncheon  Holiday Luncheon
    • Pop up Snack Cart for Teachers and Staff
    • Teacher Snack Cart
    • Character Education T-Shirts for the entire school


    • $5,100 for chrome book carrying cases for the entire school
    • Chromebook Bag


    • $4,100 for four water filling stations installed throughout the school
    • Water Station
    • $200 for Therapy Dogs to visit the MD class
    • $2,100 for a Screen and Electrical Equipment for Drama/School use
    • $230 for Illuminated stop sign for Miss Peggy
    • Ms Peggy
    • $800 for Author Illustrator D. Jude Miller


    • $250 for a Memorial Brick and Books for Mrs. Grimm's Little Free Library
    • Little Library
    • $500 for the Author Allison Gutknecht
    • $800 for Baseball and Softball Uniforms
    • $420 for Field Day
    • $1,300 for Music Stands and a Storage Cart
    • $100 for a Banner in memory of student Jonah Green
    • Jonah


    • Books, Book Bin, and Center Items for Ms. Hirsch's classroom
    • $3,300 for Field Hockey and Basketball Uniforms
    • $8,440 for Chrome Books for the Junior High
    • $7,400 for WiFi upgrades
    • $400 for xylophone repairs
    • Charter bus for Drama students to travel to see Lion King on Broadway


    • $8,700 for New Projector and Screen for Multipurpose Room
    • Buddy Bench
    • $12,400 for new books for each homeroom
    • $350 for Cheerleading uniforms
    • $1,700 for rental mics and sound mixing for school play
    • $770 for pitching machine
    • $505 for classroom ball packs
    • $480 for a calendar rug
    • $4200 to provide each teacher with $150 for classroom supplies


    • $200 for 8th Grade trip to Camden County Library 
    • $1500 for Career busing for K-5
    • $700 for Career busing for Junior High
    • $8,000 for Lego Club Startup kit
    • $700 for 7th grade carnival
    • $2,700  to provide each teacher with $100 for classroom supplies


    • $250 Follett library Scanner and Stand 
    • $1845 Field Hockey and Basketball Uniforms
    • $200 8th Grade Shadow Box
    • $3,500 for Elmo camera to assist in teaching Art Classes
    • $4,900 for Music Risers
    • $600 to replace playground equipment
    • Wireless mics for classrooms K-2
    • $2,100 towards classroom libraries



    • $1,500 for Assemblies
    • $600 for Author Visits
    • $1,000 Busing for Career Trips
    • $1,000 Funding for Library Books
    • $1,300 for a Spartan Mascot
    • $750 Softball/Baseball Uniforms


    • $450 for Author Visits
    • $1,200 Funding for Library Books
    • $3,000 Laptop Purchase
    • $3,000 Smartboard Purchase
    • $1,000 Softball/Baseball Uniforms
    • $13,000 for Music, Calculators, and Books


    • $1,000 for Author Visits
    • $10,000 for Blacktop Renovation
    • $500 Girls Basketball Uniforms
    • $1,200 Busing for Career Trips
    • $1,200 Funding for Library Books
    • $700 Laptop Purchase
    • $245 Music Recorders
    • $500 Softball/Baseball Uniforms
    • $1,300 Textbooks for 5th Grade