• Gibbsboro Super 7

    Warmth and energy are palpable as you enter Gibbsboro School. A strong sense of pride is depicted with beautiful student artwork and murals that adorn immaculate hallways. Throughout our collaborative learning environment, a focus on learning and results is transparent. Although a commitment to academic excellence is evident through traditionally high state test scores, our mission is to develop the whole child. We strive to facilitate in each student a life long love of learning, intrinsic motivation, strong self-esteem, ethical values, and a respect and appreciation for diversity. We focus on turning any fixed mindsets into growth mindsets(Carol Dweck), increasing grit(Angela Duckworth), and stressing the importance of both performance and moral character(Thomas Lickona/Matthew Davidson).With the assistance of all stakeholders, we have created a shared vision and established our core values, known as the Gibbsboro Super 7. In addition to character education being integrated across the curriculum, programs such as Lions Quest and the Peaceful Playgrounds recess program supplement our school’s character development efforts. We use Donald Clifton’s theory of the Dipper and the Bucket, which states all of us have an invisible bucket which is emptied or filled by what others say and do to us. A common language now extends beyond our school building and into home life. All stakeholders know what the term “be a bucket filler” means and are striving to be one. 


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