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    The Gibbsboro School District welcomes qualified students from other districts who value both the challenges and choices of large schools and the opportunities for participation in the friendly environment of a small learning community. Spots in the general education program are available on a limited basis to preserve Gibbsboro’s high quality of instruction and prospective students must apply with records indicating academic success.


    2021-2022 school year - Students who are not residents of the Gibbsboro district and participate in this program will pay annual tuition of $5,300. (Grades Kindergarten through 8)


    Applying for Admission
    For residents outside the school district, attending the Gibbsboro School starts with an applicationto be submitted with past report cards and standardized test scores. Students are invited to spend a typical school day shadowing a student with similar interests. Our "Gibby" Student for a Day option is often one of the defining experiences for prospective students.

    Questions about the Tuition Program for grades K-8 can be directed to Superintendent Jack Marcellus, 856-783-1140.