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PICKUP / DROP OFF DAY - Important Information for Parents

A pickup/dropoff day is scheduled for everyone on Thursday, June 18th. We are requesting that parents come to the back of the building to enter into the gym where we will collect the following items:
Chromebooks & Chargers
Library Books
Graphing Calculators
Safety Patrol Belts
Borrowed Instruments
Any other items which our school property

We would like you to pick up a bag of belongings that the teachers have collected and put the student's name on. We are asking that parents walk in through the door marked for entrance and leave out of the door marked for exit as quickly and efficiently as possible while wearing a mask and practicing social distancing just the same as you would at a grocery store right now.
The time slots for the pick up drop off are as follows: NOTE: If you have multiple students in the school, you only need to come during ONE applicable time slot. The process will be much like when we originally had the Chromebook pick up day in March except we are entering and exiting through the gym.

Kindergarten 9:30am
1st Grade 10:00am
2nd Grade 10:30am
3rd Grade 11:00am
4th Grade 11:30am
5th Grade 12:00pm
6th Grade 12:30pm
7th Grade 1:00pm
8th Grade 1:30pm